100 Ways to Say We

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An online archive of the future, in context with "Performing Architecture" during the 17th Architecture Venice Biennale 2021. 

100 Ways to Say We” imagines a multitude of futures and speculates about possible conceptions of “We”. Artists, theorists and activists from around the planet share diverse ways of living together – from the perspective of an imagined future: A map of voices, stories, and opinions revolving around the notion of a diverse, contradictory, and ambitious “We”. Looking back at the past which is our present.

So of course I traversed deep time to think through our ancient ancestral journeys of bacteria and salt and water when life became living here on earth, and to think through what this consideration offers us in tangible coping mechanisms in a struggling present of the last 500 years. I made a video with the sea, and all the saturated solution of life that the ocean is.

Within the video I make a recipe offering, a space time capsule, fermenting with the ocean - a saturation of billennia of beings, of everything that's ever lived and ever existed.

*Curated by Marco Baravalle, Hayat Erdoğan, Florian Malzacher, David Niederer, Nikolai E. Prawdzic & Susanne Traub.

*A co-production of Theater Neumarkt & Goethe-Institut/ Performing Architecture in collaboration with Salr Docks & Florian Malzacher.

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