A restless mind constantly curious, fascination through exploring and enquiring this habitat, this city as a strange natural system/s. It's an ongoing work towards custodianship to understand sovereignty, particularly through land. 

I studied a few things before settling on Landscape Design and Horticulture, focusing on green roof systems and their practicality to increase biodiversity as well as food security within the so-called limited soils of the city.

My career has its basis working in and with organisations working in land reform, agrarian transformation and food justice, understanding the socio-political contexts of present day crises and working towards unhinging our dependency on neoliberalism, with indigenous food reclamation as praxis.

I am completing my PhD in the Environmental Humanities South at the University of Cape Town, an interdisciplinary research cluster, focused on seed: "From seed-as-object to seed-as-relation."

The local urban and ecological environments and their interchangeable relationship intrigue me to understand the elements that build ecosystems. Through curiosity, research, experimentation and engagement, my work finds a resting place through food as a means of understanding the world, particularly seed, land and our collective heritage. Influenced by tradition, both inherited and the creation of new ones, reclaiming culture and reviving tradition through progressive interpretation in order to enact a listening of the future and a steady present survivalism.

My work has taught me to understand time/s and which tools may be used to demonstrate this. Salt, clay, plant, wood and water are examples of these in their many biodiverse manifestations and into their myriad of relations and uses.

I work as an artist, consultant, food transformer, ceramicist, writer and researcher working from a socio-political platform to understand truer meanings of transformation and expressing solutions through the ways in which we consume, from food to medicine, art, cosmetic or household consumables.

I am also building the Seed Biblioteek, a seed library highlighting the story of seed. Information on seed research @ Environmental Humanities South.

[📷 Albuca flower delicacy  - Nic Grobler]

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