I was invited to be a part of the #KraftMakingtheFuture event as a visiting lecturer for the students of University of Arts and Design, Fashion Design MA program, to hold a theoretical and practical course in Natural Habitats as Socio-Political Legacy. I spoke to the importance of working from a space of authenticity, from the heart, and linking in the work we do connecting land with story, heritage, food and each other, regardless of our space in the world. Running through a taste and memory workshop, fermentation workshop and smokables workshop as well as gleaning at every moment we passed a space of wilds and going on guided forages, the students understood the notion of authenticity in reciprocity with land and all knowledge it holds. This of course is of utmost importance for students embarking in a world of fashion design in a time of crisis.

Hosted by Soxen Association, "established in 2013 with the aim to safeguard and develop interethnic cultural heritage from Romania, with a special focus on Transylvanian Saxon culture. We believe that the enjoyment of its spirit should not only resume to museums and history books, but be live, touchable, among and around us, actual and contemporary. We are foragers and transmitters of archaic wisdom. Our projects are about survival and transfer, about the inclusion of heritage cultural fabric into our daily life."

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