Rethinking required - How can urban agriculture in Cape Town still become sustainable in the future food system? Policy Recommendations and Results of the UFISAMO project

- Nicole Paganini, Razack Karriem, Zayaan Khan, Tinashe Kanosvamhira, Abongile Mfaku, Daniel Tevera & Research Farmer Group

Chefs as change-makers from the kitchen: indigenous knowledge and traditional food as sustainability innovations

- Laura M. Pereira, Rafael Calderón-Contreras, Albert V. Norström, Dulce Espinosa, Jenny Willis, Leonie Guerrero Lara, Zayaan Khan, Loubie Rusch, Eduardo Correa Palacios and Ovidio Pérez Amaya

Experimentations With the Archive: A Roundtable Conversation

- La Vaughn Belle, Zayaan Khan, Holly A. Smith, Julietta Singh

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