Happenstance  |  Episode 4 - Ecotones // December 16, 2020

For the Centre for the Less Good Idea as part of their Sound Academy 2020 by Shane Cooper

From the website: The 4th episode [of Happenstance] stands alone, and is created by ecological artist Zayaan Khan with Shane Cooper. It explores time in its multiple dimensions through a sound investigation of fermentation. Traversing our relationship with land, sea, death, and ultimately learning survivorship with joy for uncertain times. This episode is like a vivid audiobook - part sound walk, part radio drama, and with original compositions and sound design by Cooper.

Created by Zayaan Khan & Shane Cooper
Writer & Voice | Zayaan Khan
Sound Design, Music, Recording & Mixing by Shane Cooper
Video Editor | Julia Ramsay

Article: New Frame, 'Happenstance': Shane Cooper's sonic adventure

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